Beginning of life challenges

Boat design is challenging in order to fulfil/meet users’ desires; high customization is often required, it is difficult to track all the changes, estimate a price for the negotiation taking into account real production costs.

BOMA follows the design issues of each specific product item, tracking all the changes, the needs and the choices. It will also include a tool to evaluate and more significantly project manufacturing cost changes.

The project will assume this as a secondary aim. It will be examined during the business analysis (WP1) and will be taken into account for the requirements, but it will be implemented only after all the other parts of the projects will be successfully implemented. The improvements in fact can be partially achieved implementing specific methodologies without specific IT implementations.

During the design, engineers and designers have to consider more and more the whole lifecycle cost of the product as well as its environmental impact. The projection and evaluation of these aspects is extremely difficult and challenging; the minimization of the lifecycle cost and environmental impact is nearly impossible without proper support tools.

BOMA provides tools for the designers to evaluate the LCC (Life Cycle Cost) as well as the environmental impact – through boats LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). Moreover it will provide algorithms and tools to support the designers into the choice among different possible technological alternatives in order to select the most profitable on the overall lifecycle both from an economic and from an environmental point of view.

This part of the demonstrator will be a Third level aim of the project as suggested within the negotiation mandate. It will be included within the requirements definition, but implemented only once it all the other components of the project will be successfully finalized.

The production phase is quite often difficult to track, understanding which specific materials lots are used, who did the work, etc. The production phase is also difficult to manage if the customer changes his/hers choices.

BOMA tracks the individual-product manufacturing at each step, even in the case of last-minute “in line design changes” by the customer and retro-fits during production.