Middle of life challenges

Maintenance is traditionally carried out on the basis of preventive maintenance principles or even on failure. This means that most maintenance operations are scheduled cyclically on fixed period of time or on fixed hours of usage. Further, maintenance / repairs at repair-shops/marinas are based on experience and not actual usage. Repair-shops/Marinas are spread all over Europe with different owners and structures. This makes boat-owners unable to take qualified decisions on when to carry out necessary maintenance except from following the maintenance instruction manual.

BOMA monitors and creates an operational profile which can be communicated to repair-shops when needs arise or one aims for predictive maintenance, making professionals (e.g. repair shops/marinas or autonomous decision support system onboard) take decisions on when to call in the boat for service. Predictive maintenance means that maintenance is scheduled only when there is a real need for it, having the capability of predicting failures and therefore avoiding them without any waste of resources for useless maintenance.

BOMA technology will also identify/contain all manuals and technical information which usually differs from boat to boat due to the potentially high-level of customization. This reduces costs and improves safety for users and their environment. Predictive maintenance algorithms will be proposed. Their finetuning and optimization for the specificities of the single boat types will be a third level aim of the project, which will be executed only once the primary aims will be achieved. • There exists little support for the user to optimize their handling of the boat in order to improve usability or reduce costs besides user forums and personal contacts.

BOMA monitors and influences the boats performance by automatically performing or suggesting adjustments to e.g. powertrims, motor-power, trimflaps. Thus optimizing fuel-consumption, engine, components life, carbon footprint and environmental impact of the boat-usage. BOMA will also guide and introduce the user into wikis and forums of the marine sector and provide tools tailored for specific brands. • Upgrades in order to expand the life of the product, are usually done based on the users’ know-how. As this knowledge comes from experience, most owners cannot readily take such decisions. Further, new upgrades like eco-environmental nano-paints that reduce water friction or new types of available filters specifically for your type of boat are information that is not easily available or known.

BOMA Information services provide up-to-date information regarding possible upgrades, improving boating experience, the eco-compatibility of it, based on boat owners handling profile and available solutions to the specific boat. • The used boat market buying and management is often complex due to uncertainty of what the previous owner did, what kind of interventions, how the product has been used and serviced. o BOMA: all relevant information will follow the product; the first owner will be able to use this information during the selling process whilst being able to restrict access to sensitive data; some information important for maintenance and usage will be passed in an aggregated form.