Vision & Mission

Leisure boat builders have realized the need to emphasize the after‐sales market and their customers’ demands for products that are both easy in upkeep and environmentally friendly.

Concepts of Product Lifecycle Management and Intelligent Maintenance can be applied to fulfill such requirements and solutions are available in comparable sectors such as the automotive or ship‐building areas. However, these concepts have yet to be applied to the boat sector.




BOMA intends to close that gap for the benefit of Europe’s generally small and medium boat building enterprises. BOMA is driven by the commercial needs of these SMEs and aims to increase their international competitiveness by establishing Intelligent Products and Service Extensions for the marine sector.

BOMA will benefit not only the boat manufacturers and their immediate customers, but the entire value network consisting boat designers, ship yards, charterers, component suppliers and marinas.

The boat market cannot be underestimated – with pleasure marine industry revenues in Europe totaling in excess of €23 billion BOMA aims to support a very significant market for innovative European SMEs.








Boma want to develop a platform for the Boat builders, the Marinas and the boat owners to enrich the boats with additional services, keeping track of the events  and the data during the boats lifecycle.
There are three views
•The Boat Owner
•The Boat Builder
•The Marina
So BOMA wants to
•Suggest maintenance operations
•Read sensors
•Send sensors data to boat manufacturer
•Get from boat manufacturer drawings and operations manuals
•Provide end of life information