Work Packages

Overall strategy and general description

The project comprises three research and development work packages (WPs), one Demonstration WP, one Dissemination, Marketing and Exploitation WP and a management work package.


WP 1. Business Concept Development
WP will develop the vision of the project, to understand deeply SMEs and their customers’ needs and to fully develop all the business opportunities allowed by the BOMA system.

WP 2. Boat Lifecycle Management Infrastructure design
WP will analyse the requirements from the previous WPs to design the infrastructure, the algorithms and services that will be proposed by the SMEs to their customers.

WP 3. Infrastructure implementation
WP will implement concretely the infrastructure in the application scenarios, allowing a demonstration of the new services and possibilities for SMEs and end users.

WP 4. Test and Evaluation
WP has a three main aims; first of all, it aims at creating a tight feedback and cooperation within the SMEs Boat Producers and the RTD performers. The second aim is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution and of the proposed services, documenting its usefulness for SMEs and end-users. Finally this WP will create clear guidelines for further implementations of the developed solution after the end of the project.

WP 5. Dissemination, Marketing and Exploitation
WP will leverage on the ideas and proposals from WP1 and the Marketing and Exploitation Board, to maximize the impact of the project, disseminating and doing marketing of the project’s results applied in the different SMEs within fairs, expositions and directly to the public.

WP 6. Project management, coordination and administration
WP deals with consortium management, the Project Coordinator (POLIMI) will manage the administration and coordination tasks.