Better Factory

Start: October 2020
End: September 2024
G.A. 951813

Project goals

The project will provide methodology for manufacturing SMEs to collaborate with artists and develop new custom products.

At the same time, it will provide SMEs with the appropriate technology for a full connection with cyber-physical systems, turning them into Lean-Agile manufacturing facilities capable of producing new custom solutions alongside existing products.

The role of Holonix

Holonix is responsible for the development of an Advance Production Planning and Scheduling (APPS) system. The integration of components from different technology providers will make it possible to gather data from the field, filter and analyze them to provide factories with information about their work.

Holonix will provide its existing i-Live Machines platform.

i-Live Machines

Key competences to be strengthened or acquired

Thanks to the participation in the project, Holonix will improve its skills in data gathering and communication with artificial intelligence systems that are different from those it uses at the moment.

The i-Live Machines product-service, already available on the market, will also be improved, and new functionalities will be implemented.

IoT Technologies and Applications

Product-Service Business

Technological and Methodological Support

Operation and Innovation Management

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