Inn-Flex Srl

Leading company in the Flexible Packaging market.

Inn-Flex was established in 2006.
Its founders had been working in the packaging field for a long time.
The company was thus the result of a strong desire for innovation and highly creative entrepreneurs, willing to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. The headquarters and the production plant are located in San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine). ). Thanks to a solid network of sales representatives and traders, INN-FLEX is now present in most European countries and even outside Europe.

Field | Packaging
Country | Italy


To achieve a significant improvement in production efficiency.

To increase the quality of acquired production data; Real-time availability and visualization of data regarding production progress.


Sensorization of the machines, development of new systems of data acquisition/entry,integration with the management system.

Installation of Encoder and proximity sensors; Development of new data acquisition/entry systems; Totem installation and sensor connection to PLC and development of user-friendly interfaces; Development of a direct communication interface between Totem and company ERP; Development of a visualization system of progress data and manufacturing KPIs; Development of a web application for real-time monitoring.


i-Live Machines, IoT solution for data acquisition, monitoring, diagnostics and management of the lifecycle of machines installed at the customer’s site.

i-Live Machines


Increased information quality,real-time access to production data, acquisition of historicized Big Data.

  • Elimination of manual data acquisition systems
  • Fewer errors in the ERP
  • Activation of the Big Data generation process for subsequent analyses and optimizations

Customer feedback

Collaborating is the key to success

Data acquisition-entry and ERP integration

Inn-Flex Srl

“Deciding to innovate does not only mean purchasing new machinery and does not end with the technological aspect. When the technological domain involved is not specific to the business activity, choosing the right partner becomes a strategic decision for the manager and the entrepreneur. the entrepreneur. Particularly important was the willingness to support (and, when necessary, to substitute for) the company’s operational contact for the entire project,and the willingness to be “physically present” alongside our engineers and operators during the field training step.”

David Tomasin | Inn-Flex Srl.

Key competencies used

In this case Holonix has exploited its know-how in:

IoT Technologies and Applications

Product-Service Business

Technological and Methodological Support

Operation and Innovation Management