Start: October 2018
End: March 2022
G.A. 820677

Project goals

The project aims to provide a scalable IT platform to support the zero-defect manufacturing paradigm within the optoelectronic components process chain, and to enable companies in this field to meet the challenges of technological evolution, from increased volumes to demand mix and the trend towards customization. Consistent with current market trends, the project aims to provide IT tools to promote flexibility, reconfigurability and sustainability in order to implement a zero-defect manufacturing at minimal costs.

Specifically, a framework will be developed, applicable to new and existing production lines for optoelectronic components, in order to:

  • Support machinery design
  • Monitor machinery conditions and status with a view to predictive maintenance and performance maximization
  • Increase the sustainability level of the process chain
  • Ensure and support quality control, thanks to machine learning regulated by pre-selected settings
  • Reintroduce components into the value chain through appropriate end-of-life management strategies

The system will be tested directly in the field through the application in significant use cases, in particular in the field of manufacturing and assembly of optoelectronic components of laser machines (design, monitoring and process optimization).

The role of Holonix

Within the project, Holonix wants to:

Propose and develop a cloud platform instance for receiving, historicizing and exchanging data acquired from the field, accompanied by a Knowledge Base System that enables other components to use, process and reuse the information made available.

The solution will follow and innovate i-Live Machines logic of processing, which is an augmented intelligence and machinery management tool already commercially available, with the aim of adapting it to the use cases of the project, introducing new advanced features aimed explicitly at the production of optoelectronic parts to the zero-defect paradigm.

i-Live Machines

Key competences acquired

Thanks to the participation in the project, Holonix is experimenting new ICT solutions within the frame of Industry 4.0, not only strictly linked to machinery management, but more generally to zero-defect production management, entering an innovative and potentially growing field such as optoelectronics.

The Holonix team is working on the design of new multi-level IT solutions for data management, increasing its IoT and Big Data know-how and progressively gaining more and more experience in CPS, KBS and Machine-to-Machine wireless communication protocols.

IoT Technologies and Applications

Product-Service Business

Technological and Methodological Support

Operation and Innovation Management

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