Z-BRE4K: Aftermath of first year as project enters in its strategic phase

Strategies and Predictive Maintenance models wrapped around physical systems for Zero-unexpected-Breakdowns and increased operating life of Factories

Z-BRE4K, the EC-funded project that aims at reaching zero downtimes caused by unexpected breakdowns in manufacturing plants is facing its strategic phase, after the completion of year one activities.

Starting from fall 2017, the project partners of Z-BRE4K have on the one hand worked on the specifics of the three use cases and came up with a list of user requirements that the several Z-Strategies will cover. On the other hand, project’s technical partners have both dealt with the definition of the Z-BRE4K architecture and have further developed the different components: data acquisition and condition monitoring solutions, machine learning simulators for predictive maintenance, IDS and FIWARE connectors together with semantic modelling, visualization framework and decision support system.

These activities have had a twofold objective: predispose the correct operation of each component within the different use-cases and simultaneously permit their further integration in Z-BRE4K’s architecture. In this regard, year 2 of Z-BRE4K project constitutes the cornerstone of the project as the software integration is taking place in the following months.

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