i-Live Machines is an Augmented Intelligence instrument

available in Cloud Computing in SaaS mode, created by Holonix for manufacturers of industrial machines.

Promptly deployable

to securely collect and share data, without the need for frameworks and on-premise installation.

Accessible at minimal cost

and completely variable, even for small and medium-sized companies.

It can be activated remotely

to reach and follow every installed machine.

Can be shared safely

to allow customers and partners to view the data.


i-Live Machines is a perfect combination of 4.0 technologies

Internet of Things


with real-time remote monitoring of each of your installed machines around the world.

Cloud Computing


of every single machine and of the entire machine fleet on the basis on real data about their usage.

Big Data/Analytics


the distinctive performances of your machines, those already installed and their future evolutions.


With i-Live Machines you can immediately improve your work capabilities and the competitiveness of your machines.

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An innovative software product in cloud computing

to co-operate with customers and partners in full security, increasing the perceived level of your servicing.


  • Remote in-the-field observation
  • Co-operation in full security
  • Early troubleshooting solutions
  • Knowledge and evolution of the machines

Real-time remote control

allows for immediate intervention, thus erasing distances.

Collect and store information

on the actual use throughout the life of all your machines.

Analyze the data generated by the machines

either individually or as a whole, to improve and evolve performance and lower costs.

Share data with customers and partners

with full access control and in total security.


Secure data in the IBM Cloud

Maximum protection for big data, the real wealth of digital transformation

Data Transmission

Acceptance and storage of data transmitted from ILVM-compliant devices using encrypted connections.

Account Protection

Identification and authorization of each individual device connected to the ILM cloud using unique access keys delivered to the manufacturer.

Encrypted Connections

Secure access to the data consultation web portal through encrypted connections with SSL/TLS certificates.

Data Security

Thanks to the partnership with an IT leader such as IBM, we use clouds with the highest security standards for both data access and storage. The management of access privileges to data and software functionalities is regulated by the owner for each system user.

The First Step towards Smart Industry

i-Live Machines uses descriptive, predictive, prescriptive rules and algorithms and improves machine performance and maintenance strategies, providing a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Real-time monitoring and Big Data collection

  • Monitorthe status of your machines in real time from any device with a web browser.
  • Customize dashboard widgets to display your data in an optimal way.
  • Collect and historicize large volumes of data authenticated by elaborate encryption systems.

Machine management and data sharing

  • Register, connect, and manage machines to be monitored with convenient detailed tabs.
  • Use the interactive map to view the location and status of all connected machines.
  • Share your data securely by managing permissions and access to data creating different users for employees and customers.

Knowledge and analysis of the machine life cycle

  • Analyze data by time interval simultaneously in all widgets and dashboards.
  • Reduce the time to diagnose, discover and solve critical issues within a specific time frame.
  • Easily export selected data from the cloud in standard formats and to analytics tools.

Diagnostics and prevention

  • Define multiple types of diagnostic events and indicate necessary interventions.
  • Predict critical issuesbefore they occur, manage necessary interventions, and prevent anomalies.
  • Receive condition-based and predictive notifications through real-time diagnostic processing.

Sharing data with your customers and partners (third parties)

  • It allows the Manufacturerto share machine datawith its customers or with other partners (third parties).
  • It allows the Producer to havefull control of data sharing, which can be granted and removed at any time.
  • It allows all its customers / partners (third parties), regardless of the role created and assigned, to access the same features.
  • It also allows you to attach documents to specific machines and share them with your customers / partners (third parties).