Who are we?

We are a Spin-off company of Politecnico di Milano

In a single reality, the perfect combination of application research activities, solid know-how and the creation of business solutions.

We are members of UCIMU, Federmacchine, UCIMA, and IBM business partner.

About us

What do we do?

We create products and services tailored for SMEs

“Internet of Things” and “Augmented Intelligence” technologies and software products. Knowledge and tools of “Augmented Intelligence” for small and medium industrial excellence.


Who are we addressing?

Italian SMEs

SMEs operating in the manufacturing sector, wanting to make their work more efficient and increase their competitiveness.

We co-operate on a daily basis with companies aiming to achieve the benefits of the Industry 4.0.

case history

Our offer always combines innovationand high added value

We unlock the potential of your data

"Augmented Intelligence'' software products

To strengthen your business and make your machines competitive, it is essential to be able to collaborate in complete safety with customers and partners, remotely monitoring your fleet of machines to know its real use, predicting critical issues and improving the perceived level of serciving.

i-Live Machines

Real experiences in technologies and products for the Internet of Things and Augmented Intelligence.

to understand how technology can match your business.

Modular, progressive and customized operations for your industrial reality. To get to know the technologies of the Smart Industry, Design their optimal usein your own reality,Implementwith them the innovation of your processes, products and business models

IoT Experience

We participate in research activities

in European projects with sector leaders

Research and Development at Holonix

Since its creation, Holonix has been co-operating with prestigious leaders of different industries within various European Research Projects , to test the most innovative and technological methodologies and IoT solutions dedicated to the world of Manufacturingand much more.

From research to field implementation

Starting from applied research activities, we created our range of products and services available on the industrial market, aimed at SMEs without a direct access to the most advanced research, but which can thus make good use of new technologies.

Products and Services


Ongoing Projects

EU Program HORIZON 2020

Research and Development


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Discover the latest trends on new Technologies, Augmented Intelligence tools, digitization and Smart Industry.

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