i-Like Technological Platform

Intelligent Lifecycle Knowledge

HOLONIX i-LiKe is the most advanced modular solution for companies wanting to optimize the management of the whole product lifecycle (Product Lifecycle Knowledge), increase the actual and perceived quality, reduce costs and be more competitive in a market that requires increasingly high-quality standards.


Modular solution

supporting innovation initiatives

The technological platform i-LiKe, unique on the market, is characterized by an innovative platform and a modular approach that guides the customer through various stages improving the company production standard.


Scalable and modular technological basefor the 4.0 evolution of products and processes

i-LiKe allows to...

Save resources

thanks to a precise and highly granular process management


the product lifecycle in all its stages


correct and modify the product thanks to the acquired data


the picking of raw materials for the orders

Improve and maintain

the quality perceived by the customer in order to foster loyalty and conquer new markets




critical issues and variables in the product that could alter its quality


errors during production thanks to a thorough knowing of the Bill of Materials


after-sales costs by implementing predictive maintenance


i-LiKe Platform


The i-LiKe Production module computerizes the production-concerning data flow. In particular, it allows for the management of the production processes’ different stages, starting from the production worksheet. Managing the production worksheet makes it possible to track the raw materials and components used, monitor in real time the status and use of resources and support operators with the sequence of activities to be performed. In this way it is possible to keep track not only of the parts and of the product coming out of the production stage, but also of the task carried out by the operator in order to reduce errors.

It is also possible to associate a series of information to the product, regarding its production process: stages, resources, machines, industrial cost, operational temperature and respect of tolerances.


  • Full traceability of products (by single product, by product family, by batch...)
  • Management of production worksheets
  • Control and management of daily throughput
  • Control of the progress of operations
  • Management of exceptions and tolerances
  • Real-time monitoring of significant production parameters (temperature, humidity, resource utilization, machine workload...)
  • Electronic/graphic support to operators, showing the sequence of tasks to be performed (reduction of training time)
  • Support in achieving and maintaining certifications
  • Reduction of staff errors


i-LiKe Platform


The i-LiKe Maintenance module supports the management of maintenance tasks of both assets and products, from the request and the maintenance order to its planning and scheduling, monitoring its implementation and evaluating its performance in real time.

The Maintenance module allows for the engineering of maintenance processes, a key aspect to define the maintenance strategy, the improvement of plant performance, the integration of the maintenance function with the other company functions and within its respective information systems. Moreover, it will be possible to adopt advanced methodologies of predictive, preventive and condition-based maintenance, implemented with greater effectiveness and efficiency thanks to the real-time monitoring of assets and to the generation of work and interventions history.

Finally, a complete reporting function provides an accurate overview of the costs and performance of the maintenance processes, allowing for the implementation of continuous improvement policies.


  • Integrated information management regarding maintenance processes, products and resources involved in such activities
  • Optimization of the planning and scheduling of maintenance activities
  • Integration of maintenance with other company functions
  • Minimization of failures and downtime
  • Reduction of non-conformities
  • Reduction of data collection time
  • Immediate and accurate calculation of performance indicators (average duration of failures, average failure-to-failure time, general efficiency index, etc.)
  • Display of the intervention history and data analysis
  • Remote and real-time monitoring(PC, tablet) of assets
  • Increase of the assets service life
  • Quick and accurate inventory of technical equipment
  • Maximized reliability and availability of equipment
  • Support in achieving and maintaining certifications


i-LiKe Platform


The i-LiKe Warehousing module manages the handling operations and the sites where the goods are located (warehouses, production departments…). …). It allows for an automatic handling of the goods and involved the processing of the quantities and locations involved. . The system manages the handling operations taking into account the product rotation index, the area compaction, the expiration dates, the replenishment of picking areas and the physical constraints of the product (size, weight, incomplete products…).

The reports generated by the system allow for a complete traceability of products and handling operations, recording times, durations, managers, and quantities.


  • Optimization of the space occupied by the goods stored in the warehouse
  • Reduction of goods storage and picking times
  • Reduction of order processing time
  • Reduction of training time
  • Increased quality of work and accuracy in activities
  • Greater responsiveness in decision-making thanks to more reliable and timely information
  • Reduced distance covered inside the warehouse
  • Reduction of printing costs for picking documents
  • Fewer staff members handling internal material
  • Faster identification of stock errors
  • Certain identification of the line areas where material is needed
  • Decrease of missing material in line
  • Certainty of times and operators
  • Punctual management of supplies between locations within the same warehouse
  • Elimination of materials search times
  • High traceability of handling operations
  • Adoption of management rules (picking, storage and handling) according to principles such as FIFO, LIFO, expiry date and taking into account the product type (dangerous, perishable products...)
  • Possibility to carry out simple and quick departmental inventories
  • Management of the correct rotation of products by expiry date
  • Management of blocked products with a pending-issue status


i-LiKe Platform


The i-LiKe Delivering module of the i-LiKe Platform allows for the management of the loading and unloading activities of goods. In particular, it provides for the management of purchase orders and sales orders.

Thanks to the traceability of incoming/outgoing products it is possible to monitor all the movements of materials, both through batch numbers and the unique identification of the products; it is possible to control and link the incoming and outgoing transport documents, and through the preparation of sales orders it is possible to automatically generate a packing list.


  • Traceability of incoming raw materials and components
  • Traceability of outgoing products
  • Acceptance and control of incoming products against incoming documents
  • Control of outgoing products against issued transport documents
  • Automatic generation of packing lists
  • Real-time display of the activity status (stock loading/unloading)
  • Reduction of manual errors in loading and unloading goods
  • Instructions on the correct sequence of stocking, picking and packing operations
  • Cost reduction through a better management of goods handling and the correct identification of products (bar codes, RFID)
  • Evaluation of the operators' performances
  • Quick preparation of shipments
  • Management of returns