Technologies for Traceability 4.0

Intelligent Lifecycle Knowledge

For Companies, Product Traceability means being able to constantly control all processes, be able to make economies of scale, identify the strengths and weaknesses in the operation of the supply chain, monitoring and intervening where most necessary.

It is also a prerequisite for obtaining the ISO 9000 certification and for managing the safety risks of the marketed products, allowing a more efficient management of business processes and a direct channel of communication with its customers.


Solid Technological Base

for internal Product Traceability.

We focus our intervention in areas where it is most necessary to monitor individual processes.


The evolution of Smes towards Industry 4.0 in terms of process efficiency and effectiveness,becomes possible only through the adoption of a solid Technological Base

i-LiKe Platform allows to...

Reduce costs

after-sales costs by implementing predictive maintenance


the product lifecycle in all its stages


correct and modify the product thanks to the acquired data


the picking of raw materials for the orders

Improve and maintain

the quality perceived by the customer in order to foster loyalty and conquer new markets





critical issues and variables in the product that could alter its quality


errors during production thanks to a thorough knowing of the Bill of Materials

Save resources

thanks to a precise and highly granular process management


i-LiKe Platform

Methodology and Timing

Rapid development of customized solutions starting from a solid technological base, in response to the needs and diversified needs of each customer.


Service and Support

Presence and collaboration during all phases of development, implementation and maintenance of solutions. A single team dedicated to the entire project.

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Competence and Experience

High specialization, experience and constant updates related to the theme of Traceability, are poured into the software development part


The Feedback of our Customers

Case History

Areas of focus

i-LiKe Platform


Computerize the flow of product data during its production process.

The i-LiKe Production module computerizes the production-concerning data flow. In particular, it allows for the management of the production processes’ different stages, starting from the production worksheet. Managing the production worksheet makes it possible to track the raw materials and components used, monitor in real timethe status and use of resources and support operators with the sequence of activities to be performed. In this way it is possible to keep track not only of the parts and of the product coming out of the production stage, but also of the task carried out by the operator in order to reduce errors.

It is also possible to combine the product with a series of information concerning the production process to which it has been subjected: phases, resources, machines, industrial cost, working temperature and compliance with tolerances.



Manage product information during the storage phase.

Through the traceability of the product within the warehouse area it is possible to collect all the available information about the movement of the goods, know their location(within the warehouse or production departments) and follow the operators. i-Like Platfom allows to develop ad hoc systems that guarantee the automatic handling of goods, theprocessing of quantitiesand their locations, taking into account variables such asproduct rotation index, the compaction of areas, the dates of deadline, the Supplyof picking areas and physical product constraints (size, weight, incomplete, etc.).

The reports generated by the system allow the complete traceability of products and movements, recording times, durations, managers and quantities.



Managing the loading and unloading of goods, specifically, purchase orders and sales orders.

Thanks to traceability of incoming/outgoing productsis possible monitorall material movements, both through the lot numbers and through the unique identification of the products themselves, thus allowing to control and connect incoming and outgoing DDTs and, thanks to the preparation of sales orders, to automatically generate the packing list.



i-LiKe Platform

Speed and ease

identification of product information against a complaint


traceability of the individual physical product during production


process information through a single system


complete products (per product, per product family, per batch...)


in the acquisition and maintenance of certifications


Internal Product Traceability in Manufacturing Smes

Intelligent Lifecycle Knowledge

Technologies for Traceability 4.0

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