Sirap Gema Spa

Leading company in the packaging sector, Sirap is one of the most qualified producers of fresh-food containers in Europe.

Sirap develops innovative solutions for all fresh-food packaging needs: rigid containers made of XPS (extruded polystyrene), PET and PP (polypropylene) for all applications in the Food and Beverage industry. Sirap supplies a wide range of products dedicated to the Fresh Food Industry and to the large-scale retail channel (films, containers, machines, accessories).

Field | Packaging
Country | Italy


Management of the entire internal handling cycle of six company sites.

To increase the efficiency and logistics quality at the Castelbelforte (Mantova, Italy), Verolanuova (Brescia, Italy), Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo, Italy), San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone, Italy), Poznan (Poland) and Remoulins (France) sites.


i-LiKe Platform for the WarehouseManagement System.

The i-LiKe Platform coordinates the entire production cycle and starts the traceability process from the extrusion film to the final output, as well as managing the operations of palletization, storage and distribution of the finished product, thanks to the integration with a specific system that uses bar codes for products and RFID tags for warehouses.


i-LiKe Platform, IoT solution for monitoring the life cycle of your products

i-LiKe Platform


Approximately 20% increase in productivityand quality of process information.

  • All operations are managed through a remote web-app, also available on mobile devices
  • Warehouse activities are conducted by operators through PDAs

Customer feedback

Collaborating is the key to success

+20% in efficiency and quality

Sirap Gema Spa

“Our partnership with Holonix allowed us to meet the complexityof our business reality both from the point of view of material handling and integration to the entire IT infrastructure. Thanks to the important success in Castelbelforte, it was natural for us to consider the i-LiKe Platform as a standard solution to align and manage our other warehouses, both in Italy and abroad.”

Stefano Pellegatta | Sirap Gema Spa.

Key competencies used

In this case Holonix has exploited its know-how in:

IoT Technologies and Applications

Product-Service Business

Technological and Methodological Support

Operation and Innovation Management