De Vecchi Srl

Leading company in the production of water softeners for restaurants and households.

De Vecchi water softeners are designed and produced from their raw materials within the company, thus ensuring an ad hoc product that meets the customer’s expectations. “Made in Italy” and certifications are the guarantee that distinguishes De Vecchi water softeners. The philosophy of the company is the attention to quality and to the innovation of their products in order to best meet the needs of their customers.

Field | Mechanics
Country | Italy


To offer a "premium" service to the staff members who install and maintain water softeners.

To reduce the costs of intervention, optimizing the maintenance strategy, keeping the softeners at maximum efficiency and, at the same time, ensuring the highest satisfaction of the customers.


IoT solution for data acquisition, monitoring, diagnostics and management of the lifecycle of water softeners installed at the customer’s site.

The proposed solution is able to monitor in real time the consumption of softeners, to report a request for maintenance and to plan their replacement, to reduce the diagnosis time, thus generally optimizing the time and costs of management. . This solution also guarantees the possibility to analyze data coming from connected softeners, thanks to the creation of reports and statistics, the indication of the correct installation of the softeners and the visualization of their position on an interactive map in order to optimize the intervention programs.


i-Live Machines, IoT solution for data acquisition, monitoring, diagnostics and management of the lifecycle of machines installed at the customer’s site.

i-Live Machines


A single solution enabling Cloud monitoring of real-time operating status.

  • Cloud monitoring of real-time operating status offered by a single solution
  • Fast diagnosis
  • Fast analysis of usage data
  • Easy management of the installed machine fleet
  • Excellent customer service

Customer feedback

Collaborating is the key to success

4.0 Management of Water Softeners

De Vecchi Srl

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your collaboration, courtesy and professionalism in supporting us throughout the realization of an idea that we deemed ambitious. Thanks to your technicians and your sales accounts, we have been able to implement a complex project which could be satisfactory to both of us. I would also like to underline the great complicity with the parties involved, which is not to be taken for granted, and which demonstrates our mutual willingness to co-operate”.

Angelo De Vecchi | De Vecchi Srl.

Key competencies used

In this case Holonix has exploited its know-how in:

IoT Technologies and Applications

Product-Service Business

Technological and Methodological Support

Operation and Innovation Management