Data Manager, the professional magazine of Information & Communication Technology, dedicates the cover interview of the July-August issue to Sica Spa and Holonix

The system created together with Sica’s researchers and technicians demonstrates the effectiveness of the initiative that the IoT specialist addresses to manufacturers of industrial machines: leverage augmented intelligence to improve their products and surround them with a profitable cloud of post sale services.

by Andrea Lawendel – photos by Gabriele Sandrini

This is the story of a partnership cultivated within a sector of the Italian economy that for several generations has best represented the distillate of inventiveness, artisan culture, imagination and – together – entrepreneurial rigor, which have always fueled the success of Made in Italy in the world. It is a path that the two protagonists are following, each playing their own role, along a free path but far from improvised, towards the common goal of growth and innovation. This path is inspired by a company that we have come to appreciate for its unique recipe for innovation, all centered on the foundations of Industry 4.0. We are talking about Holonix, a spin-off company of the Politecnico di Milano, which ten years after its foundation – with twenty-five collaborators, an articulated catalog of services and above all a consolidated methodology of knowledge transfer represents an established reality that goes beyond the original startup idea. “We worked a lot on the correct setting and fine tuning of our products, creating a platform defined in every detail, which gave us completely different operational efficiency and speed of realization” – Jacopo Cassina, CEO and co-founder of Holonix.

Over time, Holonix has converted its long experience in the field of IoT – experience gained through participation in advanced and pioneering projects, often conducted in the consortium environment by universities and large industrial groups from all over Europe – into a heritage of projects that it is adapted each time to the customer’s requirements. Thanks to an intense standardization work, Holonix has reached a good compromise between pure tailoring and mass production with an as a Service platform, highly parameterizable, which, in an authentic IoT and Big Data perspective, grinds the raw data that the customer must analyze and return in information already usable.
– The patient co-design work, guided by IoT Experience, finally unlock all the potential of the data in the “talking” machines that i-Live Machines transform into value. –