“Unusual day at the office…”

Let’s make the tree together to kick off Christmas!

As is customary at Holonix, the entire corporate budget allocated for the holiday season is donated to support a charitable initiative.
This year we decided to support the Association D.i.Re – Women’s Network Against Violence, The National Anti-Violence Network run by women’s organizations.
D.i.Re is a group of 87 organizations operating throughout Italy, running 106 Anti-Violence Centers and more than 60 Shelter Houses, listening to about 21 thousand women each year.

Trust and mutual respect are fundamental; therefore, it is important not only to have an awareness of them, but to be able to live them in every little gesture, being together and cooperating so that the strength of one can become that of the other.


Happy holidays!

Please be advised that our offices and switchboard will be closed from 23/12 to 07/01.
For any needs send an email to info@holonix.it, or contact your contact person directly.