The start of Horizon’s new European project, RemaNet – Remanufacturing Network, to promote remanufacturing through digital innovation, has finally been inaugurated.

Foto di Cecilia Gremmo by Unsplash


RemaNet IT platform will manage EoL flows, defining a set of operations that have to be performed in order to restore the system/component.

A new system that allows you to share your know-how with other users and manage not only the single production process but the entire value chain in an efficient and sustainable way.

As many as 25 partners from 8 countries are involved in this initiative, representing the entire remanufacturing value chain. The project will end in December 2026.


The role of Holonix

During the kickoff meeting, the parties involved presented themselves and the activities they will carry out: Holonix will take care of data collection, making a SaaS middleware solution available; not only that, it will make available the IIoT infrastructure on which the RemaNet platform will be based and will allow the interconnection of the machinery with the cloud so as to enable the data flow of the machinery necessary for revamping them.


Use Cases

Project will work on 4 use cases, about respectively reconditioning of tools, remanufacturing of electrical motors, management of EoLs in automotive sector, and remanufacturing of compressors to be then applied to the hydrogen sector.


The World Remanufacturing Summit will end today in Milan; during the event, the Politecnico di Milano had the pleasure of presenting the RemaNet project to the public for the first time!