In July, Paolo Perillo, Holonix Products Director answered a few questions, contributing to the Data Manager magazine special, “Advanced analytics, l’evoluzione della specie“.

Here are some of his answers:

“Fast Data” applications will be developed in which Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality converge: that is solutions in which the data just collected is analyzed and correlated, automated decisions and actions performed by a process or application, all in real time. Our i-Live Machines, the Augmented Intelligence product for industrial machinery manufacturers is designed to work just like that. ”

“Everything is much faster, and the volumes of data are “explosive”. Understanding the phenomenon with Advanced Analytics is not enough, it is necessary to understand the speed with which systems provide intelligence to support decisions. Decisions made too late are therefore ineffective.

“Companies must Know, Design and Implement”. This is the name of our service “IoT Experience”, “Real experiential laboratories that we offer to customers to accompany them in these three phases and develop concrete projects of Analytics, Machine Learning and Augmented Intelligence “.

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