New paradigms and development directions for storage and data processing

The recent technological and paradigm evolutions that are taking place in the cloud world open the doors to new perspectives and opportunities, capturing the attention of those who work “on the cloud” and making it one of the critical success factors. In particular, there is a push, promoted primarily by giants such as Google, towards online data management that aims to avoid, as far as possible, massive shifts of information between one service and another and to promote approaches based on a clear separation of concepts of storage and processing.
Companies and more generally the users of the cloud, will have to grasp the potential advantages inherent in this new IT frontier and at the same time address any problems that
paradigm shifts usually bring with them. Approaches that favor the automation and integration of distributed applications, services and systems in cloud environments,
are based on the development of middleware, or application layers that allow interaction and communication between multiple agents, enabling both data streaming and, if
desired, also the persistence of the same.
Publish / subscribe mechanisms, defined in multi-tenant cloud environments, enable systems capable of making information available to multiple services, with the latter being delegated only to data processing, prognostics and diagnostics. Among the various players in the IT sector, Holonix srl is moving in this direction, trying to “capture” the new trends in the cloud world by incorporating them into the software solutions it promotes on the market. The developments currently taking place in Level-Up project appear to be significant in this regard.
In fact, Level-Up (g. a. 869991), developed in Horizon 2020 by EU, aimed at defining a cloud software platform
able to manage and optimize the entire life cycle of industrial machinery. The works see Holonix engaged in the middleware side, promoting and testing new sw technologies and backend functions that will hopefully be integrated into i-Live Machines, the company’s flagship product and machinery management tool already available on the market for machinery manufacturers. The use of the Apache Kafka platform and the tools of the environment connected to it, guarantee scalability and greater performance in
terms of streaming of large amounts of data, both sensory and those resulting from the processing of other software services and / or legacy factory systems (ERP, MES, etc.). The adoption
of the multi-tenant approach instead leads to the creation of isolated, dedicated, independent cloud environments with specific access security controls, favoring the use of
same deployment by users and applications of potentially different domains. The direct collaboration with numerous end users of the Level-Up consortium also facilitates different phases, from
testing to validation of the solution in the field, together with the other IT partners who make the new version of i-Live Machines the fulcrum of the entire project software platform,
as well as a renewed, flexible product / service, equipped with new features and high performance for users. In an economic situation that is not as simple as
the current one that suffers the impact of the limitations of physical presence in the workplace, the innovation already promoted by Industry 4.0 is confirmed to travel on the cloud:
Therefore, it is for cloud users, including Holonix, to know how to grasp the right ideas for growth that is always expected and hoped for.

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