The value of data for new business strategies in industrial machinery

The speed with which the market evolves shows us how important it is for the companies that operate there to have a constant innovative approach and seize the opportunities that the new reference scenarios offer them. In the fourth industrial revolution it is necessary to become protagonists of change, understood as centered on the digitization of processes and on the use of technologies as enabling sources and valuable resources, capable of supporting professionals in business decisions and in the development of new strategies.

In the manufacturing and industrial machinery sector, the new production revolution has encouraged the automation of processes and has highlighted how Big Data can play a key role in generating the added value of the Smart Factory, in which management exploits the information that augmented intelligence tools make available, in order to achieve greater speed, safety and efficiency in the entire production process.
Holonix, in this scenario, brings its know-how to the market; supports Italian SMEs in the architecture of new business strategies, which involve the use of artificial intelligence technologies and offers the market products-services that allow you to exploit the power of Big Data and base business decisions on analysis of these.
i-Live Machines is an example; a software as a service, designed for manufacturers of industrial machinery, available in the cloud and specialized in the collection and analysis of data from the installed machinery, which allows constant realtime monitoring of production variables.
The data sent by the machine can be used to carry out diagnostic and prevention actions, anticipating what can be critical and malfunctioning events. With the use of i-Live Machines, the study of data can facilitate the understanding of the operation of the machinery and of the entire production cycle, limiting the number of failures, reducing downtime and increasing performance. This allows the manufacturer to break down the barriers of physical distance, by installing and managing what is needed remotely, to offer an increased service capacity for more reliable production and a redesign of the entire business line enabled by technology.
Holonix, is also at the forefront of the European project Z-Bre4k (G.A. 768869|, that want to prove how data-driven machinery management can guide new industrial realities towards zero-defect production. This is how, through the creation of a predictive maintenance platform, it becomes possible to anticipate new corrective procedures within manufacturing processes, another example of how industrial machinery plays a key role in the Smart Factory, thanks to data analysis. and new augmented intelligence tools, capable of guiding and accompanying it in the 4.0 era.

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