From the data-driven system to the system based on 360-degree information

Since the sailor Ellen MacArthur brought the concept of circular economy to Europe for the first time, we can say that the new economic system to which every company
must aspire and on which it is necessary to base every business choice is precisely the one designed for the reuse of materials in the different production cycles; this implies sharing,
loan, repair, reconditioning and recycling minimizing “waste”.
The system based on circular information involves the transformation and sharing not only of products / services and raw materials but also, and above all, of information.
The circular process therefore generates a large amount of data that must be stored and managed, guaranteeing its integrity and authenticity. These are by nature not defined for the first step, as we are not always aware of the future value chain. However, data are necessary, as well as to make possible new interconnections between companies, also and above all to evaluate and process the value-chain by estimating and forecasting the evolution of the process. This allows you to make “data-informed” and no longer “data-driven” decisions as, in this new economic system, it is not enough to be guided only by data but it is necessary to appropriate it so as to use it as a guide and control asset for their own insights.
Holonix, since its inception, aims to implement new technological solutions centered on the concept of circular economy; specifically, by participating in the European project
DigiPrime (G.A. 873111) has devised a software solution capable of dynamically adapting to this polymorphic nature. DigiPrime will be a platform capable of making interconnect companies that have a raw material, product or service, giving them the opportunity to cooperate and “close the circle” of the circular economy. The connection is made possible by an advanced search engine able to suggest possible stakeholders for new potential and unexpected value-chains. Data
are managed dynamically, making it easy to modify information, making their availability more efficient and ensuring a work
less expensive, more agile and safer. In an interconnected system such as the one provided in DigiPrime, it is essential that all users understand the importance of technology and information as a source and concrete resource for the implementation of new circular businesses.
In addition to the creation of software tools, Holonix, through the service “IoT Experience” accompanies companies on a path that allows them to Know, Design and Implement
the transformation of the system in the field of industrial production, with a view to improving and optimizing opportunities and performance.
The understanding and knowledge of the specific and informative characteristics that guide the new system therefore allow various stakeholders to easily integrate into the new
context in which the circular economy becomes essential to be at the forefront of tomorrow’s business.

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