Within the Horse project, the COMPLEMANT experiment of which Holonix is partner together with SUPSI – University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, Ghepi srl and UNIMORE – Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, has brought great results!

New opportunities are created by the combination of industrial digitization and collaborative robotics in manufacturing: IIot, Big-Data, and AI enable real-time diagnostic and prognostic processes from sensory data acquired from the field, leading cobots to adequately support workers during common tasks.

COMPLEMANT aimed at creating a collaborative human-robot environment, in which human operators and cobots can work safely and synergistically, in order to increase the efficiency of the production system, the quality of the parts produced by the system and the psychophysical well-being of the workers. Activities have led to the development of a Digital Platform able to monitor over time the physiological parameters of the workers and the environmental parameters of the work area in order to detect in them abnormal deviations potentially associated with high physical and cognitive loads that induce a decline in the well-being of the worker and safety conditions during activities carried out in collaboration with cobots. Appropriate requests for intervention are generated real-time and orchestrated at work station level (configuration changes), in order to fully exploit the flexibility of the production system and cobots, supporting operators when necessary in order to optimize their performance. The system is installed and applied directly in the field at the partner company Ghepi Srl in a collaborative man-cobot context consisting of a work station for the production of components of a conveyor belt.


For all information visit the experiment website: http://www.horse-project.eu/COMPLEMANT