“Collaborative robotics assisted by digitalization re-proposes the focus on the human operator and represents a driving force of industry 4.0 and a possible competitive lever for manufacturing companies.”

This is how Stefano Borgia, one of our Progect Managers, introduces his article published in this month’s “Integrated Automation” magazine.

Stefano has written about the complex issue of digitization and innovative processes in a 4.0 perspective, underlining the introduction of cobots in the work environment, a new generation of robots that make man-machine collaboration ever more flexible and safe, with a view to a considerable improvement of production processes, especially in the manufacturing sector.

The interaction between man and robot can be said to be the result of the implementation urged by the new paradigms of industry 4.0, which push and encourage companies to make their processes more efficient, providing them with an added value, now indispensable for reality today.

A key example of the opportunities and challenges that the connection between industrial digitization and collaborative robotics highlights is, without a shadow of a doubt, theComplemant platform “Result of the research project generated by an open call of the European container Horse”, of which Holonix is ​​a partner.


To read the article, browse the magazine “Automazione Integrat”.