The company proposes itself as a partner for the 4.0 innovation projects of small and medium-sized Italian manufacturing companies that focus on models focused on Big Data and Augmented Intelligence

Bring Things to Life: this is the payoff ofHolonix, a company that since 2010, the year of its foundation, has been dealing with Internet of Things and Augmented Intelligence technologies and software products, considering them the key tools of digital transformation.

«Bring Things to Life it is not just the payoff, it is a sort of hymn to the future, to change, to digital transformation »- says Lara Binotti, Holonix sales director. “The company proposes itself as a partner for Innovation 4.0 projects of small and medium-sized Italian manufacturing excellence that aim at the adoption of the new model focused on the availability of Big Data and on collaboration between humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI)”.

Becoming a data-driven company, driven by data, is not always easy. “Data and technology alone do not make an organization more efficient” – says the Holonix sales director. “A corporate reorganization is needed, marked by digital culture. To be effective, the organization of change requires direction, flexibility, skills and proactive behaviors, to ensure the achievement of the objectives and needs of the entire organization, in the process and in technology. Holonix, to help SMEs to become a smart factory, offers a gradual and assisted approach with a personalized approach. Holonix’s main interlocutors are manufacturers of industrial machinery; to accompany them on this path we have created the IoT Experience strategy which is based on modular, progressive and personalized approaches.

The ability to know how to collect data from machines is a fundamental activity for the efficiency of all industrial processes. It allows you to make informed decisions based on what is actually happening in production. If it is true that technologies play a key role in enabling these processes (especially IoT and Artificial Intelligence), the knowledge of companies and their approach to the use of these technologies are fundamental. First of all, it is necessary to understand the context linked to the particularity of the company, the specific needs that determine which technologies to choose and which parameters are necessary for the efficiency of the processes. Only in this way can added value be extracted from the data, since the pure collection of the raw data does not bring benefits to the company. To do all this, you need the right skills, a culture and a correct approach to the use of new technologies and also the right tools. These elements, however, are often lacking in SMEs and it is in this field that Holonix’s commitment is concentrated “.


Through the Holonix IoT Experience service, every industrial reality will be able to learn about IoT and Augmented Intelligence innovations in their sector, plan initiatives and implement an IoT and AI innovation project in their own reality.

“IoT Experience consists of three modules, corresponding to three different paths” – explains Binotti. «It is an approach that is necessary precisely because companies are often held back by their distrust of new technologies.

Conoscere is the module dedicated to companies that want to find out which IoT and AI technologies are used in their sector and how they can be implemented to innovate the business context. It is a path in which Holonix makes available technological knowledge gained thanks to decades of experience in research, development and application of the key technologies of the digital transformation of the industrial world.

Progettare is dedicated to companies that want to plan an innovation intervention with IoT and AI technologies based on the reliable estimate of costs, times, feasibility, effort required of the figures involved and on the maximum evaluation of the obtainable benefits. It is a module in which customers can take advantage of Holonix’s methodological skills, refined in the design and implementation of innovation projects where technologies have become a concretely measurable advantage.

Realizzare is the module for companies that want to optimize in time and costs an innovation intervention on their business reality that uses the best solutions available to achieve the selected objectives, thanks to the operational support of Holonix, which exploits the project management skills gained by working with leading suppliers of digital technologies and with small and large industrial excellence ».


According to Holonix, we live in the data driven economy, an economy in which data is the main resource for generating competitive advantages. Companies have realized the potential that resides in the data at their disposal: discovering models, trends and behaviors in advance is an advantage over competitors. At the heart of this revolution are the manufacturers of industrial machinery who now necessarily have to act, focusing on digital transformation to be ahead of the competition.

i-Live Machines is the Augmented Intelligence software product available in the cloud in as a service mode, designed for manufacturers of industrial machinery. It is a combination of 4.0 technologies that allows you to have a continuous and real-time knowledge of how the machines are used and behave to historicize all the data coming from the installed park. It allows to improve the assistance service, that is the diagnostic capacity, reducing costs. In response to a market need, it allows you to check the performance of each machine to guarantee it to the user. It also makes the data collected by the machines available to customers’ 4.0 processes and makes it possible to improve and redesign future machines, based on real evidence, preparing the manufacturer to evaluate various sales models. i-Live Machines allows you to share data securely, without the need for frameworks and on-premise installation; it can be activated remotely, to reach and follow each installed machine.

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