The ability to know how to collect datafrom machines is now a fundamental activity for the efficiency of all industrial processes: it allows humans and companies to make informed decisionsbased on what is really happening in production. If it is true that technologies play a key role in enabling these processes (especially the IoT and Artificial Intelligence), the knowledge of companies and their approach to the use of these technologies are fundamental.

First of all, it is necessary to understand the context linked to the particularity of the company, the specific needs that determine which technologies to choose, which and how many parameters are necessary for the efficiency of the processes. Only in this way can added value be extracted from the data, since the mere collection of the raw data does not bring any advantage to the company.

To do all this, you need the right skills, a culture and a correct approach to the use of new technologies and, of course, also the right tools.

Essential elements, but which are often lacking in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). And it is in this field that the commitment ofHolonix is ​​concentrated, a company founded in 2010 as a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano and which today is an innovative SME.

Holonix’s offer is focused on cloud-based solutions for manufacturing SMEs, but not only. In fact, the company offers consultancy and training activities, in line with its mission of accompanying companies in the process of transformation into a smart factory, that is “the factory of those who have understood that enabling technologies must be ridden, not suffered, which they are tools that allow us to work more efficiently and effectively, reducing the possibility of error and making us work in new ways, guided by tools that eliminate physical distances ”, explains Lara Binotti, Holonix Sales Director.

There is still a lot to do in this area, underlines Binotti: in fact, in the face of an increase in awareness achieved in these 10 years regarding the collection and management of data, even in the most structured (medium-sized) companies there is there is still the risk of falling into the error of wanting to go directly to the last step (therefore the use of the data), without first doing a path of understandingthe parameters that are really needed by the company.


IoT Experience, this is how Holonix accompanies SMEs on the digital transformation path

The producers are the main interlocutors of Holonix. To accompany them in this transformation path and make them able to offer more services to end users, Holonix has devised a strategy based on modular, progressive and customized approaches to the needs of each company, which takes the name of IoT Experience.


Unlike the platforms that develop the “big” in the sector (more rigid, as they are aimed at medium-large companies), Holonix solutions are conceived and designed for SMEs: they are therefore solutions ready to use, with significantly shorter implementation times and more accessible costs(we are talking about a few thousand euros).

In addition, the training activity provided through the IoT Experience can be included in thetraining activitiesthat can be facilitated with the new tax credit, which allows a reimbursement of up to 50% of the expenses associated with training activities for micro and small companies. medium-sized enterprises.

A modular approach that is necessary precisely because it is often the distrust of new technologies that is found within companies that slows down. Distrust that sometimes comes from the operators (frightened that the “machines” could steal their jobs) and sometimes even from the management team itself, in the face of an attempt at innovation by the IT department.

“This is why we tell our customers that the path, to be successful, must involve different areas of the company, from pre-sales to post-sales, from management to the operations team. It is necessary to make it clear that it is a change that must affect everyone and that it will only bring advantages ”, explains Binotti.

KITT4SME, the European project to bring AI to SMEs

The innovative spirit of the company has pushed it, in recent years, to confront itself with the big Europeans and to participate in various international projects.

After the Manutelligence project – which led to the creation of a platform capable of connecting and optimizing the life cycle of the product with that of the service – the company is now engaged in two other projects included in Horizon 2020: the Coala project, which will lead to the creation of the first factory voice assistant (a project we talked about in theinterview with Jacopo Cassina, CEO and co-founder of Holonix) and project KITT4SME (G.A. 952119 |


By Michelle Crisantemi | Innovation Post


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