Tecnomatic Srl

Leading company in the design and manufacture of machinery for the production of plastic pipes.

To date, Tecnomatic srl and its products have reached more than 100 countries; with its production, it caters to pipe manufacturers for various applications, such as household heating and plumbing solutions, building industry, infrastructures and agriculture. Founded in 1977, it is constantly committed to continuous evolution.


Field | Plastic materials
Country | Italy


To adapt its production and business reality to Industry 4.0.

To increase the production efficiency in all its stages, creating a controllable and monitorable structure.


IoT solution for data acquisition, monitoring, diagnostics and management of pipe extrusion lines.

. The proposed solution is able to erase distances with its real-time remote monitoring system of each installed machine, to track the history of the lifecycle of the whole machine park based on real data of utilization, to be aware of the actual use and to improve the distinctive performance of the already installed and future lines.


i-Live Machines, IoT solution for data monitoring, collection and analysis.Machinery Management 4.0 product-service, available in the Cloud and aimed at intelligent machine management. Specifically, a solution that includes a module dedicated to the calculation of production costs and progress.

i-Live Machines


Monitoring, real-time Condition Diagnostics and Predictive Diagnostics of the installed machine fleet.

Real time monitoring;   Historicization of machine parameters;   Comparison between the estimated cost and the actual cost of production;   Punctual predictive assistance of the customer;   Streamlined and improved customer management with respect to the services regarding production costs and machine configuration.

Key competencies used

In this case Holonix has exploited its know-how in:

IoT Technologies and Applications

Product-Service Business

Technological and Methodological Support

Operation and Innovation Management