Four years of research and innovation for the development of the platform that aims to use predictive maintenance to eliminate unexpected failures and prolong the life of production systems.

Milan, 28 july 2021 – Z-Bre4k is an European project financed within the Horizon2020 programme of the European Union, and it’s part of a growing European interest in maintenance in general, but above all in predictive maintenance strategies to address and support the evolution of equipment, instrumentation and production processes.

It is an initiative focused on predictive-prescriptive maintenance strategies, the result of a consortium of 17 companies: HOLONIX, AIMEN, ATLANTIS, CORE, INNOVALIA, INOVA, GESTAMP, for the technological part; SACMI, PHILIPS CL, CDS, TRIMEK, for the industrial part; BRUNEL, FRAUNHOFER, CRIT, EPFL, IMEC, AIC, for the academic part.
Among these, Holonix, specialized in IoT technologies and software products and Augmented Intelligence, has been mainly involved as a technology provider in the use case who saw the involvement of SACMI, one of the world leading companies producing machines for closures and caps and CDS, one of the users of these machines. Holonix connected the machinery of the pilot companies to its software i-Live Machines, enabled the acquisition of data as key element of the Z-Break algorithm and AI based strategies training and creation, as well as implemented the data flow from and to the customers.
More in details, the Z-Bre4k project is developed a solution that aims to reduce to almost zero the machine downtime caused by sudden faults.
The Z-Bre4k architecture combines computer technology, operating technology, engineering technology, leveraging industrial data space interoperability to support the factory in its predictive maintenance activities.

«I think the Z-Bre4k project has succeeded in highlighting the importance and the feasibility of developing intelligent and predictive maintenance systems for greater reliability of production systems not only for large but also for SMEs. – says Jacopo Cassina, CEO of Holonix-. The CDS-SACMI case, within the Z-Bre4k project, was very relevant and representative of how the solution allowed daily monitoring for 5 connected machines and how this leads to the possibility to concretely develop AI and analytics for manufacturing».

«Thanks to i-Live Machines of Holonix a large amount of data was collected and used for the purpose of data analysis, AI training and analytics for the improvement of business production processes» – feedback emerged from the pilot CDS -SACMI.

«The Z-Bre4k project – concludes Jacopo Cassina – shows the unique possibilities that i-Live Machines opens to industrial machines producers; in fact through the data acquired from the platform they have the possibility to develop data-oriented, analytics and Artificial Intelligence services to enable higher performances of their machines and provide focused solutions with high added value to their customers».

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