Technologies are now a need for restart, not only an advantage

In Europe (primarily in Germany) we have been talking about Industry 4.0 since 2011. Also in Italy, thanks mainly to the Calenda Law of 2017, the question of how and when industrial companies must operate the inevitable Digital Transformation has long been on the agenda; although with some uncertainty, Progress has been made in the factory adjustment process, to make it “smart” or interconnected between physical assets (machines) and between machines and men. In our Country (fourth Manufacturing Country in the World) the resistance to change, together with the lack of adequate infrastructure, makes the process of digitalization still difficult; the Country is divided about in half with 38% of companies that can not take the concept of Industry 4.0. The coexistence with the Coronavirus will make it even more evident that the digitization of companies has become the crossroads where today we decide who survives and who does not. Even the most rebellious will be driven to accelerate the process of digitalization, to adopt new technologies to encourage work and continuity of work in all conditions and situations.
It confirms the correctness of the intuition from which Holonix was born: the fundamental importance assumed by technologies and applications for the Smart Industry that the spin off of the Politecnico di Milano brings to the market today as augmented intelligence software tools, solutions that integrate Iot, cloud and big data/analytics technologies and solutions.
They are tools that enable you to operate with an effectiveness previously impossible, in totally data driven mode, mostly remotely and with minimal human intervention. An example of this is the product-service i-Live Machines, designed by Holonix for manufacturers of machinery and industrial plants to allow them to collaborate safely with customers and partners, remotely monitoring the machine fleet, knowing its real use, anticipating critical issues and improving the perceived level of serciving. An innovative product-service, immediately usable, accessible at minimal costs and completely variable, activated at a distance. is the result of a combination of Technologies that prove to be providential and enabling business continuity in a period such as the near future; allow you to clear distances and intermediaries, to memorize the entire life cycle of each individual machine and of the entire park on the basis of the real data of their actual use, to assist them effectively without geographical limits.
They are also the key to making machines more competitive thanks to the use of big data/analytics on accumulated data, allowing them to be used in production processes 4.0. An example is the use of i-Live Machines in the research project Level-Up(G.A. 869991 |, dedicated to developing a platform capable of managing and optimizing the entire life cycle of an industrial machine: from design assisted by data-driven and digital twins approaches, use phase management through predictive maintenance approaches, revamping actions,
modernisation and end-of-life management.


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