Corporate reorganisation and digital culture

Today it is not possible to think about sustainability without talking about Digital Transformation, but digitalization is not thinkable without the implementation within the company of an evolutionary processthat allows management to make data-driven decisions, therefore driven by data.

The solutions that increase the sustainability of the business are also strategic solutions for its growth. Companies become more competitive by virtue of better, controllable, circular and efficient processes and models. Digitalisation is an integral part of this trend as an engine of innovation.

Anna Vaselli
Anna Vaselli | Marketing & Communication @Holonix

According to an estimate by the European Commission, the value of the data economy will increase from 2.4% in 2018 to 5.8% of EU GDP in 2025 for a total of829 billion euros.

At European level, the focus on sustainability issues is very high; an example of this is the Horizon2020 Fibereuse project ( | G.A.730323-1), which aims to integrate several innovation actions to improve the profitability of recycling of composite materials and their reuse in value-added products. As a project partner, Holonix supports the eco-design process to stimulate co-creation and supports the development of a platform that connects the actors of the entire value-chain.

From the industrial point of view, in Holonix we have always been at the side of small and medium-sized Italian manufacturing excellence, with a totally customized approach to the real needs of the sameto support them and accompany them in the delicate but necessary change towards a “smart” factory.

Through our IoTExperience service, modular, progressive and customised shared interventions, every industrial company, based on the skills already present in the company, will be able to knowthe innovations Iot and Augmented Intelligence in its sector,design their own innovation initiatives, implementan Iot and AI innovation project in their own reality.

Beyond training, beyond consulting, because manufacturing companies need to confront and rely on competent ICT companies, which adopt an approach far removed from the classic consultancy or mere sale of “package” software products.

Thanks to a progressive digitalisation closely followed and studied together with the Holonix Team, business processes become more performing, it becomes easier to acquire and interpret data and information, even those relating to the degree of satisfaction of customers. The digitization process helps employees to communicate with each other quickly and effectively, to interact with machines, monitoring their status and taking prompt action in the event of faults or anomalies. In favour of managers and managers, the use of innovative and digital technologies simplifies the process of information collection and budget analysis.

It is therefore clear the need for a strategic implementation, a real reorganization of the company, It is based on a digital culture that can be easily acquired by those who have made this paradigm their job and daily confront companies through these shared growth paths.

The common goal is to expand digitalization to the different business processes, making them integrated and prospective. Know the technologies of the Smart Industry, design their optimal use in their own reality, realize with them the innovation of their processes, products and business models, are the steps to undertake the path of digitization and remain competitive in an increasingly complex and demanding market.

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